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Xcel Solutions Corp abuso de trabajadores mexicanos

(Matawan, New Jersey, )

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Reproduzco la queja que se tiene en Estados Unidos de Xcel Solutions Corp. Ofrecen trabajo a mexicanos mediante visa TN y no cumplen con lo acordado. Te hacen esperar para llevarte, mientras uno ya renunció dado que te hacen firmar un precontrato, te tienen en banca con 30 dólares diarios hasta que encuentres proyecto, y dado que no tienen clientes directos, si bien te va consigues, si no, hay gente que se la pasa 6 meses así y terminan por regresar.

El tipo, Jit Goel te dice mil y un mentiras y siempre te da la vuelta cuando lo confrontas. Si aún así lo consideran oportunidad, adelante, pero mejor páguense una vuelta para conocer las oficinas, creánme, no por estar en EU significa que vaya a ser mejor que en México. Desafortunadamente la compañia es una patraña y abusan de trabajadores inmigrantes.

En México también tienen ya oficinas y básicamente sólo subcontratan gente, el tipo es nefasto y te corre solo por sus tanates, no por una razón válida. Ya desde hace 2 meses han tenido retrasos en pagos y no se ve que vayan a mejorar. Igual pueden consultar la junta de conciliación donde ya tiene algunas demandas.

Para más testimonios: Link Un ejemplo, de un sitio similiar a, sólo que para estados unidos, Link

"I was hired on pure commission by Jit Kumar who is from India with the promise of 6 figure wages per year and an honest working environment, I had 2 titles, Director of International Recruiting and Business Developer, my responsabilities were to hire IT consultants from Mexico, Canada and other countries, process their employment and visas with the USCIS, among many other duties he convinced me of doing because as he said it 'I consider you my big brother and I know I can trust you to help me make XCEL grow' also because eventually I was going to be made a business partner and live happily ever after thanks to him. yeah right !!! He spied on the e-mails of all the employees, even though The federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the New York Penal Law require your employer to get your consent in writing before spying on you, in addition to that consent, the employer should have a written policy that clearly spells out the purpose of the monitoring and the company's right to eavesdrop. But that still doesn't give an employer wholesale control over an employee's personal communications; that could result in a questionable invasion of privacy. The contracts that I sent this consultants were violated by Jit Kumar on several of the clauses like the salary increases that were stated on the contracts. He neglected some consultants by not keeping his promise of bringing them to the US once their visas were approved. This consultants made arrangements like quit their jobs, and prepare for the trip. Many of the benefits he offers on his marketing e-mails are an illusion to lure people into his trap, and I was deceived and presented this lies to the people I contacted. I made him buy beds for the apartment were the consultants stayed, the ones he personally hired were sleeping on the floor and had no courtains in the restrooms, the air conditioner was forbidden and it was summer time, there was a phone but you could not even make local calls for it was only for incomming calls, there was no TV or Radio, no Internet, no car until one of them bought one, no furniture but a bunch of plastic chairs. I told the consultants I hired, according to the benefits XCEL offered, they expected to go work for a company in the US that offer them hotel accomodations and free medical insurance, not a company that was going to have them sleep on the floor and eventually paying a high contribution for their medical insurance. In my case, he presented me with 3 different contracts which I never signed because of the unfair conditions, I was never included on the payroll and had no health insurance, I was at the office 14 to 16 hours, 6 and sometimes 7 days a week, just to make ends meet. He told me that he wanted me to bring 15 to 20 consultants a month, my commission was $1000, so when I started delivering and he had no money to pay me or the consultants, he told me not to bring the people that was already scheduled to start working for us, these guys were really upset and felt deceived, they quit their good jobs in their countries in order to work for us. I was the one in the middle, I felt a moral and ethic conflict in my heart so I quited. He tried to lie to other employees about the reasons why I quited, but everybody in the office knew why because I blind copied everyone on the e-mail I wrote when I resigned, the consultants that I hired and were already working for XCEL saw and suffered all this irregularities, at first they didn't even get paid on time or their full pay, Jit thought they were too naive to notice or complain but they did. When it was time for them to get the contract agreed salary increase, their nightmares became a reality, they didn't get it because he said the client wasn't paying a good rate, which was a lie because in some cases he was getting paid $75 per hour and he only paid the employee $30 per hour, some of them left the US defeated, others stayed because they had no other choice. This person Jit Kumar has ripped off many good people and Companies to the extent that Consultants quit XCEL and other Companies don't want to do business with him anymore, I hope he stops cheating and abusing people that trust their futures on his empty promises."

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