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Subject: re: objectives of mutual BENEFIT
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 18:03:24 -0000
From: "Ali Macabe"

from: the desk top of Ali McCabe
for: for your urgent attention PLEASE
re: objectives of mutual BENEFIT

Let it not be surprising that I am contacting you through this medium. Though, I have not gotten any previous correspondence with you. I am personally contacting you for the first time, hoping you will assist me based on the reality of this transaction.

My name is Ali McCabe the former adviser on SPECIAL DUTIES to the ousted ROBERT GUEI, President of Coted'Ivorier in West African region. The recent development in my country is no more news to the outside world. President Robert Guei, after losing his ambition to transform himself from Military to civilian President, ran away to neighboring country Benin Republic, seeking political asylum. All the people that served in his cabinet including the former Ministers and his Political Associate, everybody is at large.

During my tenure as the adviser on special duties, I happen to be in charge of finance on his political ambition. It was while on these privilege position that I kept in my custody the sum of Eighteen Million and Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$18.5m), without the fore knowledge of the President. Moreso, the fragile political system in Africa does not encourage me on long-term investment project. This is the reason why I am asking for your assistance to enable me deposit this funds outside the continent for out right investment.

This fund is currently kept with a safe/trust security company in TOGO, a neighboring West African country in disguise of Family precious materials.

I hereby agree to compensate your sincere and candid effort to assist in this regard with 20% of the fund when finally received by you with our pre-arranged strategies. However, I have sent my son to Europe as regards this transaction. Every arrangement has been concluded on the safest way to move this fund to Europe without the security firm NOT, necessarily knowing its content.

I want you to understand that this must be kept in utmost confidentiality and secrecy, as my future welfare hugely depends on it.

One more thing is rest assured that this is the beginning of our long-term business relationship. I do not intend to contact anyone else until I am convinced that you are not capable to handle this transaction.

thanks while i wait for your urgent REPLY.

note: please all correspondent should be through my e-mail ADDRESS:

Best regards.

Ali McCabe
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